Month: December 2016

Frankincense, (Olibanum) ru xiang in chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine it is used to invigorate blood, promote the movement of qi , stop pain and generate flesh. The dosage is 3-9g per day and the following conditions it is used for are Traumatic pain Carbuncles, Chest, epigastric

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Back, Sciatica/Lumbago, neck & shoulder pain

From the Chinese viewpoint, patients who present with neck, lumbago or sciatic pain are usually diagnosed as suffering from a type of bi syndrome.  Bi syndromes involve blockage and pain; that is, there may be little apparent reason for the

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Infertility because of stress and why it affects fertility!

The liver is the organ in Chinese medicine that is affected by stress.  The liver meridian flows through the pelvis.  The flow of energy or qi is obstructed and this affects the menstrual cycle and the hormone level released by

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