About me

I am a TCM Acupuncturist and Medical Herbalist affiliated with the Acupuncture Foundation and the Association of Chinese Herbalists of Ireland.  I hold a Licentiate (license to practice) from Nanjing University, China, and was mentored there by Dr Gau in 2000.

I received training in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine with Dr Wu and Professor Jin Hui De in the Acupuncture Foundation, Dublin in 2000.  I have experience in treating all types of medical conditions as listed in the ‘Conditions Treated Menu’.  I was awarded a post-graduate degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine with Professor Jin Hui De with the Acupuncture Foundation in 2008.  I received training in Dispensary & Pharmacognosy at Bristol University in 2007.   I am currently studying a Psychology degree with DCU, Dublin as part of my ongoing professional development.  I am currently a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association.

Chinese Medicine is prescribed based on your case history and I prescribe an individual acupuncture plan and/or herbal medical protocol.

Acupuncture is a drug-free therapy that unblocks meridians which keeps the body systems functioning efficiently based on a theory know as plasma therapy.   Herbal prescriptions treat illness and are normally prescribed in granulated form but can be vegan encapsulated for clients.   Your body is healing faster and self-maintaining with acupuncture, natural medicine ‘herbs’ and natural foods.  Vegan encapsulated herbs contain no fillers and are 100% pure herbs mixed together into formulas for different medical conditions.

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