Natural Labour Induction – using Acupuncture & Herbs

  • Acupuncture for labour induction involves treatments week 41 onwards know as pre-birth Acupuncture. Monitoring should be carried out week 36-37 for the following conditions, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, foetus position and heartbeat and other minor complaints, i.e. heartburn, haemorrhoids, constipation, varicose veins, low backache, insomnia & exhaustion.  Preparation for labour can start at week 36/37.  Acupuncture prepares the cervix and the pelvis for delivery.  Breech baby treatment can be given from week 33 onwards until an optimal anterior position is achieved.  Also to achieve an optimal anterior position of the baby acupuncture is also applied if there is a breech baby or high presentation.  There are acupuncture points for cervical dilation & ripening and for a spontaneous labour.  More and more women are interested in a social induction which revolves around their life plan.  Despite the best efforts of Acupuncture and/or herbs a medical induction may be performed in the hospital if there is any risk to the baby(foetal distress) and mother, which involves rupturing the membranes and administration of intravenous oxytocin.  The advantages of acupuncture are, spontaneous labour, an efficient labour, decrease in need for caesarean section, decrease in duration of labour, de-stress mothers, less pain during labour, fewer interventions, soften ligaments, tonify qi and blood, increases cervical dilation, increases descending action of qi in the body and prevention of delayed labour failing to progress.   Herbs for labour induction can also be included in the treatment and auricular acupuncture for natural labour induction.  Finally, a healthy diet is recommended for the health of both baby & mother, ……… avoid greasy, damp and spicy food…..
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