Treatment of Tiredness in Chinese Medicine

The chief symptom of tiredness is exhaustion which is a deficiency of the bodys qi and can be caused by overexertion. The excess conditions causing tiredness are liver conditions, phlegm and damp in the body causing obstructions. Injuries to qi, blood, muscles, tendons, bones whereby the following organs themselves are injured, spleen, liver, kidneys,  lungs, heart and brain.  Also exposure to weather wind, cold damp can cause exhaustion. The spleen & lungs are the first organs to cause exhaustion.  Aetiology, weak constitution, overwork, physical overexertion, poor diet, severe illness (influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, measles meningitis, common cold, upper respiratory infection, childbirth, recreational drugs.  Based on what the symptoms are, the treatment is repairing the following, 1. Lung deficiency, 2. spleen deficiency, 3.heart deficiency, 4. kidney deficiency, liver deficiency, blood deficiency.  Common diseases which are in this category are chronic nephritis, Glandular fever, ME, carcinoma, addisons disease, HIV, hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus and anaemia.  The treatment is relevant acupuncture points and relevant herbal prescription to achieve a successful outcome.

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