Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment of Covid 19

Covid 19 According to,  Chinese epidemiologists and Traditional Chinese findings by Dr Wang & Dr Yang overview!

In the winter of 2019 the Chinese were treating a new kind of Pneumonia which was declared a Public Health Emergency of international concern by the WHO on January 20, 2020.  Wuhan the capital city of Hubai Provence were treating this condition with oxygen therapy, antivirals and corticosteroids.

In Chinese medicine Covid 19 was classified as wet, heat congestion in the lung.  Wet refers to the sticky and heavy turbidity that can cause a long course of disease and damage to the function of the body.  Hot refers to the fact hot dry and rising turbidity and congestion can congest blood circulation and cause symptoms such as pain.  Healthy pathogenic qi maintains normal operation of the body.   In Chinese medicine the Chinese doctors used a prescription called Yu Ping Feng San a preventative patent medicine to protect the lung qi and avoid pathogenic qi (Covid 19).  This ancient formula also regulates the body’s immune function while clearing lung heat and dampness.  Also they were using Yin Qiao San to clear lung heat, expel phlegm, relieve cough, regulate the lungs and restore normal lung function.  Clinically Yin Qiao san is used to treat high fever whilst Sang Ju yin is used for patients who have a severe cough.

Yin Qiao san in clinical studies has been found to have antiviral/bacterial functions, enhances the immune function of the upper respiratory tract.  In treating Covid 19 both prescriptions are used.

According to TCM, severe cases of Covid 19 where the lungs are severely damaged and will not work, the patient cannot breathe anymore a prescription called Maxingshingan tang decoction and Bai he gu jin tang are used to benefiting healthy qi, expelling Coid 19 and helping the lungs to expel sputum and get air.

Maxinshigan tang is used to clear lung fever and reduce phlegm.  Baihugejin tang invigorates lung qi, and must be used together with western protocols, i.e.oxygen support, remembering in China both medical departments work together in treating patients where applicable.

The above prescriptions were used to prevent SARs in 2003 by the National Administration of TCM in China.




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